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Crosby Spring Loaded Pressure Relief ValveTyco Crosby Spring Loaded Pressure Relief ValveInlet 2" 300# FlangedOutlet 3" 150# FlangedTotal Height 23.5"Weight 60 Lbs

The Fisher® E-Body sliding stem globe style control valve is a general purpose valve used for throttling or on-off service for gas and liquid applications. Types ET and ED valves includes a cage guided balanced valve plug, metal to metal seating, or PTFE (ET only) seating for bubble tight

JASA Service Alat Berat PEMBUATAN MEJA STAINLESS STEELLemari dan RakMesin MakananStainless SteelTrolley Stainless  

A stainless steel pressure test manifold for use when performing hydrostatic pressure tests.Pressure tested up to 10.000 PSI 700 bar. Two inputs, four outputs. Its supplied with 1/4" hose and two gauge adaptors.Choose from our range of pumps and digital or analogue gauges to perform reliable

Does well in for hydrotest pumpPressure testing of components that are to be exposed to or hold a liquid or gas under pressure:• Tubings, Hoses• Valves• Pressure Vessels, Accumulators• Gas Bottles, Fire Extinguishers• Heat Exchangers, Turbines• and so on.Benefits for

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name PriceS713.0001.Z Barton Cameron Range Spring PSI 0-100Range Spring PSI 0-100Range Spring PSI 0-1000199.0237.B Barton Cameron Range Spring PSI 0-15Range Spring PSI 0-15Range Spring PSI 0-15    

Barton Chart Recorders Models 202E,242E, and J8ARecorder Charts & Pens, Inc. specializes in Barton Chart Recorders and Barton Chart Recorder supplies for the oil and gas industry.Barton Chart Recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure,

Haskel - Series M Air Driven Liquid PumpsHaskel_M.jpgLow Cost • Miniaturized • Pressures up to 15,000 PSIA smaller version of the Series AW, handling the same liquids and delivering 1/3 HP out and working from an air line of 25 to 125 PSI. An economical means of using shop air or vehicle

Graphic Controls Industrial Products is the global market leader delivering precision Data Recording Supplies. Our integrated Chart and Marking Systems provide complete recording solutions for General Manufacturing, Dairy, and the Oil and Gas Industry.

We can custom make almost any length and range of thermal systems. With our standard large stock being of 0-150F x 10 foot long armored capillary, in the case compensated type, VB. Ask about our third pen kits with everything you need to add the temperature measurement option to your recorder.Back

pressure elements, Sonceboz chart drives, temperature elements, rebuilt and new bellows and all internal and external parts.  Please see Chart Recorder Parts List, DPU Literature,  Recorder Literature, Static Element Document,  725 Springwound Clock, and 820 Battery Operated Clock.

Part N° Speed Wind Mounting Plate Type Output Shaft725R086 15 min / 1 hr 5 hr A ¼” D w/Flat - CCW725R138 1 hr / 3 hr 2 D A ¼” D w/Flat - CCW725R175 96 min / 24 hr 4 D A ¼” D w/Flat - CCW725R077 2 hr / 8 hr 2 D A ¼” D w/Flat - CCW725R137 2 hr /


All static elements are made of temperature insensitive, helical wound, 316 stainless steel bourdon tubes, which meet N.A.C.E. Mr-0175 standards and feature a full 17 degrees of rotation.  We can meet all of your needs, whether it is as low as 25 psi or as high as 30,000 psi, we have what you

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